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Heavy Duty 1-Bedroom Moving Box Kit

Make your move a breeze with our Heavy-Duty 1-Bedroom Moving Box Kit. Designed for 1 Bedroom Moves, this cost-effective kit includes 18 sturdy boxes, 110 yards of packing tape, bubble roll, wrapping paper, and more. Save time, reduce stress, and ensure your belongings arrive in excellent condition. Order your kit today for a smoother, hassle-free move!Basic Moving Kit #1 Content: 18 Boxes, Supplies, and 24 Cu. ft. of space.



  • 9 Small Moving Boxes>16 X 10 X 10", 9 Medium Moving Boxes 18 X 14 X 12", 110 yards of packing tape
  • 1 Clamshell Tape Dispenser, 24' of Bubble Roll, 3 lbs of Wrapping Paper, 1 Marker
  • Perfect for packing up 1-3 rooms 
  • Purchase labeling tape or moving labels to easily identify the contents inside each box without having to open it
  • The packing supplies included in all kits making our 1-2 Bedroom Kit a real bargain
  • All in one Moving Box Kits save time and fuel driving around for boxes and supplies to different stores
  • Great to pack and move dorms, small 1 bedroom apartments or condominiums
  • For apartments or condos with more contents please order Bigger Boxes 1-2 Room Kit
  • Reduce stress associated with packing and moving by ordering one of our Moving Box Kits

Heavy Duty 1-Bedroom Moving Box Kit

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