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Heavy-Duty 2-Bedroom Moving Box Kit

Streamline your move with our comprehensive Heavy Duty 2-Bedroom Moving Box Kit. This all-in-one solution includes 18 small corrugated boxes, 18 medium single-wall boxes, 2 rolls of packing tape with excellent adhesion, a clamshell dispenser, bubble roll for fragile items, 6 lbs of wrapping paper, and 2 markers for labeling. Our sturdy 32 ECT corrugated boxes reduce the risk of damage, and the price covers all supplies and free shipping. Save time and money by ordering online. We've thought of everything to make your move easier. Order today and simplify your packing process!


  • 18 Small Moving boxes 16 x 10 x 10" Corrugated Boxes
  • 18 Medium Moving boxes 18 x 14 x 12" Single-wall Boxes
  • 2" x 110 yards of Packing tape with excellent adhesion and a long-lasting bond
  • 1 ClamShell Dispenser 12" x 48' of Bubble Roll ideal for protecting fragile objects such as china, ceramics, and glass
  • 6 lbs of Wrapping paper perfect for filling the open spaces so items aren't subject to shifting in transit 
  • 2 Markers that write smoothly upon most surfaces with fade-resistant quick drying ink
  • Reduce risk of damages with our sturdy 32 ECT corrugated boxes
  • Price includes all boxes, packing supplies and free shipping
  • Save time and money, order online and receive your kits at your doorsteps
  • Order additional moving boxes and specialty boxes at the same time you order the moving kits and save
  • Organize a packing room to assemble boxes and goods to pack

Heavy-Duty 2-Bedroom Moving Box Kit

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