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Large Heavy-Duty TV BOX - 56 Inch to 70 Inch

Our Large Heavy-Duty TV BOX is designed to protect your 56 inch to 70 inch TV during your move. We understand the importance of keeping your entertainment safe and secure, which is why we have sourced a high quality TV box that can withstand the weight and size of your TV. The box is made from heavy-duty cardboard and includes reinforced handles for easy lifting and transport. 



  • Adjustable Flat Screen TV Box that's able to fit a tv up to 70 inch
  • Heavy-duty up to 72 x 6 x 42-inch double-wall box
  • Includes 2 Double Walled corrugated sleeves to protect your Television
  • Don't forget to wrap your TV in bubble wrap or moving blankets before packing - sold separately
  • Perfect for packing any flat-screen TV between 56" and 70"
  • Adds more security when moving with such a valued item

Large Heavy-Duty TV BOX - 56 Inch to 70 Inch

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